A Nasreddin story

Nasreddin at last reached the home of an Ottoman official who had invited him to dinner. He had travelled a long distance on his donkey, and his clothes were dirty. However, as it was very late and he didn't have time to change, he knocked on the front door. When it was opened, he saw that the guests had already come. But before he could introduce himself, his host told him that beggars were not welcome and shut the door in Nasreddin's face.

Nasreddin then went to the saddlebag on his donkey and slowly changed into his finest clothes. Looking magnificent in them, he knocked on the door again. This time, his host welcomed him with many courtesies, and led him to the main table.

When the food was served, everyone watched in amazement as Nasreddin poured a bowl of soup into one pocket of his silk robe. He was placing his roast meat on top of the fur on his sleeves, murmuring "Eat, fur, eat!", when the host, horrified, asked him for an explanation. Nasreddin replied he was feeding his clothes: from the way he had been treated before, it was clear that the host had invited his clothes, not him.

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